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This is the story of my surreal grocery store visit.

So my dad drove me to the mall which contains the pharmacy where I could pick up my prescription of ventolin. Yay! While I was there I picked up a supposedly tasty low-cal chocolate bar.

After that, I ran to the grocery store cause my dad wanted me to pick up some Hermesetas for him. They didn't have any, so I grabbed some equal instead.

I got into the 6 items or less line. There were some people going though, and an older woman with two chickens and milk in front of me. All of a sudden, this kid runs up in front of the older woman and puts down his lettuce.

I started laughing cause, ya know, blatant disregard of rules amuses me somehow. The lady turns around and says: "That your boy?"

Let's review. I'm 20 years old, but I'm often mistaken for being 16. Especially when I'm raggedy and in my sweats, like now. This boy could NOT be younger than 7 or 8. And he's asian. I said no.

Then the check-out people start talking.

Girl #1: Hey, do you know someone named Ashley?
Girl #2: Is she white? (both are black)
Girl #1: No!
Girl #2: *thoughtful pause* Is she one of those dirty whores?
Girl #1: *laugh*

I mean, really. I leave the house for FIFTEEN MINUTES and this is what I get.
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